Moving to Munich, Germany.

Before closing down my first startup, I had planned just about every aspect of my life around the company, which meant I was at the mercy of our potential success. Once it became clear that we were winding down Huma, the life I had envisioned for myself in San Francisco vanished, and so I came back to Ireland.

After taking stock and dusting myself off I packed my bags and moved back to Dublin, where I joined ChangeX―an ambitious nonprofit startup―as Head of Product. Over the past six months I’ve worked with a brilliant team here to turn the product around, putting to use everything I learned while building a high tech startup with my co-founder Thomas.

Now I’m making an even bigger move. I’m packing my bags once again and moving to Munich – the capital of Bavaria and the home of Oktoberfest.

Munich, Germany

Opportunities like this are few and far between. As someone who speaks fluent German and was born there, I’ve long wondered what it would be like to move back, so I’m finally going to take the plunge and answer that question.

I’ll be moving out to Munich in April and starting work on some exciting new projects! And who knows, maybe this is where the next startup I work on will be born?

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