This is a collection of my most recent articles. I write about grit, failure, entrepreneurship and the honest experiences of the less talked about sides of the founder journey.

  • Appetite for risk

    Appetite for risk

    Understanding your appetite for risk requires a great deal of self-awareness. It is immensely valuable, but there’s no magic formula. Lets talk about risk Our appetite for risk in the business world is unique to each and every one of us. It is layered and complex, involving many variables such as our upbringing, financial situation…

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  • Grit, sweat, and tears.

    Grit, sweat, and tears.

    Building the next successful startup requires grit, sweat and tears. But what happens when you chase your dreams and don’t succeed? A Brief Introduction A little over 10 years have passed since I graduated from college in Ireland. During that time I started 3 companies (2 failed), and an independent consultancy. I worked with 5…

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