Eoghan McCabe, CEO – Intercom, Inc.

“I was extremely impressed by a lot of what I saw of Huma. This team is worth watching. They’ll do some great things in the future for sure. They were unlucky this time. But I’ve yet to meet a successful person in any field who hit a home run on their first attempt.”

Richard Watson, Research VP – Gartner Inc.

“Kevin is smart and gets things done. The killer combination. He has worked all sides of the engineering, product, customer & market relationship and unlike most people who specialise in one side, Kevin is able to balance his insights. This is a rare and valuable mindset. I worked with Kevin closely at Engine Yard and we grew the European business together. I invested in Huma because I trusted Kevin’s ability. I would jump at the chance to work with him again.”

Orla Moran, Head of SMB Sales – New Relic

“Kevin is nothing short of a game changer to any team/organisation. He is one of those rare individuals who has best of breed engineering as well as a keen business acumen, with an insanely high EQ. As a result, he eortlessly sees problems and solutions as a part of the whole equation, both from a logical, technical perspective as well as a commercial one. He was paramount to the early success of New Relic EMEA, when I launched the European Sales Division back in 2013.”