Hi, I’m Kevin Holler.

Kevin Holler

Having started programming at age 14, I went on to study Web Engineering (the poor man’s computer science) in Dublin, Ireland. I quickly became fascinated with the world of tech and startups.

Since graduating from college, I’ve spent over a decade in tech on what can only be described as a roller coaster. I co-founded three startups (2 failed, read about the first here), set up a consultancy, and worked with 3 VC-backed startups.

During my time as a founder, I wore the CEO and CTO hat; two roles I gravitated towards, as I surprisingly enjoyed sales as much as writing code.

After my first startup, I decided to deepen my expertise in data and founded an independent data consultancy, where I worked with several companies on data architecture, BI, and analytics.

Outside of my entrepreneurial stints, I’ve been hungry to learn, which has led me to work in software engineering, product management, sales engineering, sales, alliances, and most recently solutions architecture.

And lastly, I love to write. With a book project at standstill, I’ve decided to start blogging regularly and sharing my experiences and insights.